Encryption Gadget

Encryption Gadget 1.0

EnCryption Gadget is a portable, hi-tech encryption program for your files
1.0 (See all)
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EnCryption Gadget is a portable application that allows you to easily protect your files with the advanced data encryption technology thanks to the very secure Blowfish encryption algorithm, with 32 - 448 bits cipher key, full drag&drop interface and a very beautiful hi-tech interface. Acts as a real hi-tech device and ensures the full compatibility with Total Autorunner Encryption engine file format.
Main features
- 32 - 448 bits very fast Blowfish encryption engine;
- full drag&drop interface;
- portable installation;
- english/italian versions in the same executable;
- marks filename of encrypted files for easy recognition;
- detailed reports of operations.
Additional features
- encryption/decryption key up to 56 digits;
- indication of the encryption key efficiency;
- indication of the progress of assigned tasks;
- very hi-tech interface and behavior;
- idle state (very low system resources consumption) when unused since 10 seconds;
- always on top option;

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